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Affirming The Faith Seminar - 2011

6:00 PM Audio Icon "This Is His Church!" Alan Martin
7:30 PM Keynote: Audio Icon The Mission of the Church in Christ Bruce McLarty
8:45 PM Audio Icon Q&A Forum Ralph Gilmore
Brad Harrub
Glenn Colley
8:00 AM Audio Icon "Wake-Up Call!" Charles Hodge
9:00 AM Keynote: Audio Icon The Unity of the Church in Christ Bill Watkins
10:15 AM Classes: Audio Icon Stopping the Leak Brad Harrub
Audio Icon The Emerging Church Movement Ralph Gilmore
Audio Icon The Silence of the Scriptures Russ Dyer
Passing the Torch Wayne Roberts
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Cindy Colley
Audio Icon What Your Missionaries Want You to Know Mel Latorre
Torpedoes the Devil Will Shoot at Your Marriage Glenn Colley
11:15 AM Classes: Audio Icon Deliberate Parenting Brad Harrub
Audio Icon Spirituality Is an Inside Job Tim Pyles
Audio Icon A Fresh Look at the Conversion Accounts Mike Lewis
Happier Children Make Happier Marriages Cindy Colley
Audio Icon Doing Mission Work from Home Kent Hartman
How to Love a Woman Glenn Colley
1:30 PM Keynote: Audio Icon The Holiness of the Church in Christ Thomas Jackson
2:45 PM Classes: Audio Icon Out of the Salt Shaker and into the World Kent Allen
Audio Icon Is Baptism Still Necessary? Phil Sanders
Church Growth without Compromise Chris McCurley
Continuing Steadfastly in the Apostles' Doctrine Tommy Haynes
Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? Harold Redd
Shining for Jesus in Your Community Taylor Cave
3:45 PM Keynote: Audio Icon The Blessings of God in Christ Tim Lewis

You and your congregation are invited to participate in this special seminar designed to promote unity, affirm faith, and equip God's people for greater works of service.